Youth Union is not About Musical Events any more

In every university or college, there is usually the youth union which is in charge of organizing and hosting the events for students. For years, this uninon is blamed for building too many programs related to musical events. However, think again if you take a tour around those universities in Hanoi because nowadays, the youth union also cares about the health of students and of community

Excellent students are those who get straight As?

Usually, when someone has a remarkable GPA, and it is impressive enough then the students are likely to earn some kind of awards or scholarships. But, learning is not only the factor to evaluate a student. Come to those school to find out.

In April 2017, at HUS (Hanoi University of Science), the youth union hosted an event – “Day for strong students” (Ngày hội Thanh niên khỏe). “Strong” as the poster claimed is one of five factors to access an excellent student.


(Source: Fanpage of HUS)

Various physical activities are organized on this day at HUS

Right next to HUS, the USSH (University of Social Science and Humanities) has a similar event: Five factors to access an excellent student. This is an annual event for students to try their best to earn the award. Last year, this event was warmly welcomed by students.


(Source: Fanpage of USSH)

Similar event at USSH is held anually

After taking part in this event, students will receive a certificate for their participation. Ngọc Linh, an active student joining in this event since she was a freshman said: “This is an amazing chance to prove that a good student is not only healthy in mind to get high mark but also healthy in body to overcome any challenge.”


(Source: Fanpage of USSH)

Boys and girl are all in – no exception when it comes to competition

At ULIS (University of languistics and International Studies), so far there hasn’t a big event like those two universities but they still manage to hold some small activity. Recently, they’ve lauched an activity called “Week for climbing”. This activity is to change the habit of taking elevator upstair into climbing upstair. And this event is really much enjoyed among students.


Walk walk… and walk.


No more crowded elevator in the morning.


 Cute slogan to boost up your spirit and energy…you almost there!

Blood – the root of life.

Interesting fact when we go around some universities, they always have a club retaled to blood donating activities. Those club usually associate with the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion to call for need of blood in community. It can be seen that now, the youth unions don’t just care about students’ health, but for the community’s as well.


 UTC (University of Transport and Communications)…


(Photo: Fanpage of Baking Academy)



And Banking Academy… have one think in common: Blood donating event.

Nga (UET) cheerly tells us about this event and invites us to join in with her on 18th April on Hall G2 at UET. She says that she has been on this event for how many time she can’t recall. This event is for a social purpose and patient in needs of help. Her university has run the propaganda and came to each and every class to invite students, sometimes, event the teachers said yes to join with them. And when we ask for a picture, she was willingly to sit and pose right next to the banner of her university.


“Come join with us on Tuesday next week…”


The youth unions are doing great at their role at college: care about society heath and well being and more fortunate, this has brought a positive changes among students – care about their health themselves. So, everytime the youth union hold some kinds of events related to health, you and your friends can join and have fun!



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